What is a Rave?

Raves are really just one big party. They are a place for people to come and unleash their uninhibited ways. Raves are usually all-night events and can sometimes even last over a period of several days. They are a place for music, fun, dancing, and drug use always comes hand-in-hand with a rave party. The main point of going to a rave is different for many people although there are two reasons why people generally attend; they either come for the music or they come for the drugs. Those who attend raves regularly are called ravers and although they may come for one particular reason, there is a commonality among them and that is that they enjoy the company and they enjoy the fun that is shared by everyone who attends. There is no age minimum or maximum for those that wish to attend. Raves are a place for everyone although the general age group is usually between the ages of 18-25.

Drug use is a huge part of the rave scene and the most common drug that can be found among ravers is ecstasy. Marijuana is also just as common but the ecstasy is to provide those taking it with feelings of peace, a love for everyone and everything, and the energy to stay up and dance all night. Although marijuana and ecstasy are the most popular, other drugs such as LSD, speed, mushrooms, and ketamine can be found. It’s because of this drug use that raves are usually underground and why the government has in the past become so involved in trying to shut down these parties with juvenile curfews, and becoming very stringent on certain laws such fire laws.

Those who hold a rave are promoters and they can either be in the business of creating and organizing rave parties or they can just be rave enthusiasts who want to provide a great party for eager ravers. The promoters will first need to secure a venue for the rave and then coordinate the different DJs that will be providing music for the rave. They then often draft up a flyer to promote the rave. Although many raves were once free, this is no longer the case as promoters need to cover the costs of organizing the rave. The cost to get into a rave will vary greatly depending on which promoter is holding the rave and what DJs are playing, as some DJs are more popular than others and therefore, don’t have as much time in their schedules and people will pay money to come see them.

The music that is played at a rave is different from mainstream music. This music is usually a repetitive series of beats but comes in many different styles. The music is played by a DJ and every DJ has their own type of music they prefer to play and their own style of doing so. Some different types of rave music are house, jungle, trance, hardcore, and many others as well as different variations on these basic types. The setting for a rave is usually a club, an abandoned warehouse, or in an outdoor venue. Typically, the venue needs to be quite large as the crowds can vary from hundreds to thousands of ravers.

The rave culture is indeed unique to any other form of lifestyle or culture. Ravers, although they may be misunderstood by some, are really just people that love to dance, have fun, and make new friends.

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