The Drug Scene within the Rave Scene

When one thinks about ravers and the rave scene, the first thought that comes to mind is often related to drug use. This is because drug use is so prevalent among ravers who attend these all-night parties. Any promotion that is associated with raves, such as flyers and posters, often also promote the use of drugs at the party they are promoting. The most popular drugs used at raves are usually MDMA, or ecstasy, marijuana, GHB, LSD, and ketamine, often referred to by ravers as “Special K.” Most ravers don’t think there is any danger in participating in drug use while they are at the raves but they can be quite harmful. They can not only be harmful by consuming the drug but also by the actions taken by a raver after that drug has been taken.

The Drug Abuse Warning Network reports that the number of overdoses and other drug-related visits to the Emergency Room are rapidly increasing in number and the sudden increase began when raves started to become extremely popular in the 1990s and have been maintaining steady growth ever since. Raves can also become quite a violent scene as ravers who are ingesting the club drugs aren’t sure what the drugs will do to their bodies. Many of these drugs cause erratic actions and can cause tempers to flare quite quickly. Many raves have had to be shut down due to the violence that these drugs sometimes produce. Some ravers have actually died from their drug use and some have died from other’s actions due to drug use.

There are some private drug education centers as well as drug testing organizations that seek to find ways to make these drugs safer among the crowd of ravers. Their philosophy is that ravers will not stop taking the drugs and so, something should be done to ensure that the drugs they are taking will not cause a great deal of harm to themselves or other ravers. These organizations will send a tester in to a rave party to collect samples so they can be tested for purity levels. The purer a drug is, the less likely it becomes that the drug will cause irrevocable harm. This is because many of the drug-related injuries and deaths have been caused when one drug has been cut with another drug that is extremely dangerous. While this makes it cheaper for the drug supplier, these combinations can be lethal in some ravers. While the organizations are only trying to make raves a safer place, government officials, including police, believe that this is only promoting drug use.

It is true that drug use will probably never slow down among ravers and the rave scene. This is because these club drugs enhance the raver’s experience. These drugs are often hallucinogens, make colors seem brighter, and seem to enhance all of the senses. When one spends eight or more hours looking at bright lights and listening to loud music, these drugs often play tricks on the mind that ravers find quite appealing.

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