Raver Paraphernalia and Clothing

When a raver goes to a rave party, they are carrying much more than their ticket and their wallets. Ravers are a unique breed and if you were to see the contents of a typical raver’s coat or pant pocket, you may wonder why some of the items in there are needed for a party. Although these things may be baffling to the mind of those that aren’t ravers, they are absolute necessities to someone who spends much of their time partying and going to raves.

There really is no typical dress code for ravers. Although most of them will wear clothing that will help them keep cool during their many hours of dancing and club drug use. Halter tops, tube tops, loose shorts or pants, bikini tops, and tank tops are very common. Because one of the effects of the different club drugs that are taken is a raise in body temperature, and also because ravers do dance for eight hours on end or more, ravers often remove articles of clothing as the party goes on. Baggy pants with extremely wide legs are also very commonly seen as the movement of the clothes helps to enhance the dancing and it also helps keep the raver cool.

Teeth clenching and grinding is also a very common side effect of the different drugs that are used. For this reason, ravers will often have an assortment of goodies to help relieve that. Some like to chew on pacifiers and the brighter the better. They will often slip these pacifiers onto a beaded necklace and again, the beads are always very bright and colorful. Some ravers will keep hard candy on hand at all times to help them with the grinding of the teeth. Some ravers will wear candy necklaces or bracelets, which not only help with the grinding but it is also a place where they hide their pills by slipping the pills onto the necklace or bracelet. This is a very inconspicuous way of sneaking drugs in.

Ravers also often have many items that will help them to enhance the effects of the drugs that they taken. Glow sticks, glow bracelets, and glow mouth pieces are often worn for visual stimulation. These bright items are often seen as leaving trails when they are waved and the bright colors also enhance the effects of the drug. Inhaling menthol, such as from a vaporizing stick are also thought to enhance the effects of the drug and sometimes this medicated menthol is rubbed right onto the inside of a painter’s mask and the raver will then wear it to feel the full effects of the drug. Other items such as blinking pins in the shape of hearts, stars, or other fun-loving shape, are also worn so that other people who are also taking club drugs will be able to fully enjoy the effects.

Whether these items actually do enhance the effects of the drug or not has never been proven but they generally make the raver feel good and so it would seem that they do. The items will be different for every raver but most have one thing that wouldn’t even dream of attending a party without.

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