Raver Lingo

Ravers have their own very unique culture. Not only do they have certain styles of clothes that they wear and a certain type of music they will listen to, they also have their own language. While the common motto of ravers is “Peace, Love, Unity and Respect,” otherwise known as PLUR, they have many other slang terms that one who is not a raver couldn’t possibly understand. Until now! Below is a list of very commonly used slang terms as well as what a raver is trying to say when using them.

Abe – This term refers to someone will “take an Abe.” The raver would like five dollars worth of drugs.

Adam – Ecstasy

All-star – Someone who uses many different types of drugs.

Amping – Feeling your increased heart rate due to dancing or drugs.

Are You Anywhere? – This is a question a raver will ask someone else if they want to know if they use marijuana.

Bad Go – This is the term that’s used when someone has a bad experience with a drug.

Candy Flip – A combination of LSD and ecstasy.

Candy Raver – This usually refers to a raver that is fairly young and wears candy as jewelry in the form of candy bracelets or necklaces. It could also refer to a raver that uses a candy flip combination.

Chill Room – This is a cornered off section of the rave that has lounging chairs and couches and is a place where ravers can go to take a break from dancing and relax.

Dirt Grass – Marijuana that is not very good; does not give the intended high.

Drop – To take a drug in a pill form.

E-Bombs – Ecstasy

E-Puddle – Someone who has passed out on the floor after taking ecstasy.

E-Tard – Used to refer to a raver who has taken ecstasy and is irritating others by hugging them.

Party – What ravers usually call raves.

Party Favor – A term for drugs. Ravers will often try to find drugs at a rave by asking another raver if they have any party favors.

Peeps – Friends, usually those that a raver has come to the rave with.

Scenester – These ravers know the promoters and/or the DJs at a rave. They will often try to advocate for more private VIP rooms.

Sketchy – Usually how a raver will feel as they are coming off their high. The term refers to someone who is confused, unfocused, and not quite sure whether they are still high or not.

Spinning – This is how DJs play the music. Often a raver will ask about a party, “Who’s spinning tonight?”

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