What is a Rave?

Raves are really just one big party. They are a place for people to come and unleash their uninhibited ways. Raves are usually all-night events and can sometimes even last over a period of several days. They are a place for music, fun, dancing, and drug use always comes hand-in-hand with a rave party. The […]

The History of Raves

Although many people may think that raves have only been in existence for the past eight to ten years, they actually began in the early 1980s. Techno music emerging from Europe and house music emerging from America began the early rave scene. When they first started, the rave scene was kept very quiet, with the […]

The Drug Scene within the Rave Scene

When one thinks about ravers and the rave scene, the first thought that comes to mind is often related to drug use. This is because drug use is so prevalent among ravers who attend these all-night parties. Any promotion that is associated with raves, such as flyers and posters, often also promote the use of […]

Raver Paraphernalia and Clothing

When a raver goes to a rave party, they are carrying much more than their ticket and their wallets. Ravers are a unique breed and if you were to see the contents of a typical raver’s coat or pant pocket, you may wonder why some of the items in there are needed for a party. […]

Raver Lingo

Ravers have their own very unique culture. Not only do they have certain styles of clothes that they wear and a certain type of music they will listen to, they also have their own language. While the common motto of ravers is “Peace, Love, Unity and Respect,” otherwise known as PLUR, they have many other […]

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